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I am a Chattanooga wedding consultant whose passion and mission is to help you have the wedding day of your dreams which meets your personal needs and budget. I will make your wedding planning enjoyable and stress free. Consultations are provided free.

I'm available at my office from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday by appointment to ensure availability to meet with you.

FREE venues and vendors information packages at the Wedding & Event Network office in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Instead of driving all around the county and surrounding areas burning up time and gas, stop by my office to get free information provided by venues and vendors who advertise on the Wedding & Event Network directory!

Chattanooga Wedding Planning Services

Gather your family and friends around you to declare and celebrate your new life together!

Will your wedding be an intimate, private ceremony or a grand entrance into matrimony? Whatever your vision, when you take your vows, it will be a memorable and lasting moment in time. I will help you find your wedding style so that it will reflect the truth of who you are as a couple.

Robson Event Center Gainesville, Georgia

Bring me your wedding planning questions. I have answers. Consultations are FREE and I have brochures from premium listing advertisers on the Wedding & Event Network directory for your convenience.

Chattanooga Wedding Planner

Cherry Wilson




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