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Wedding Consultant Cherry Wilson

Wedding Consultant Cherry Wilson

Why You Should Hire Your Wedding Planner First

When you hire your wedding planner first, a professional wedding planner with industry connections should be able to save you hundreds if not over a thousand dollars in venue and vendor booking fees and/or in additional services without extra vendor charges. Of course this is the reason to hire your wedding planner "first". The #1 reason for hiring a wedding planner is to give you peace of mind and the confidence that your wedding day vision will become a reality with less stress and more enjoyment for you and your guests!

Gather your family and friends around you to declare and celebrate your new life together! Will your wedding be an intimate, private ceremony or a grand entrance into matrimony? Whatever your vision, when you take your vows, it will be a memorable and lasting moment in time. I will help you find your wedding style so that it will reflect the truth of who you are as a couple.

Three Levels of Service | For 150 Guests or Less

You may schedule a FREE 45-minute preliminary wedding planning consultation with me. This gives us a chance to meet and see if we are a great fit for one another. If you like the preliminary wedding day plan I've created for you and if you feel confident I can greatly assist you, we can discuss any further services I can provide you. Call me today at 423-468-9621 to make planning your wedding day fun and easy. Expect to enjoy yourself and receive a LOT of brochures and more from a variety of venues and vendors. I'm your one-stop shop for everything wedding planning. Please use my form below to make your preliminary consultation with we more productive.

The Vendor Consultation for Brides Vendor Consultation

With my 90-minute Vendor Consultation, I have already pre-negotiated special terms with a variety of well established and popular vendors. I will be able to save you $400 to over $800 in vendor pricing and/or additional services! I will show you how you may save even more money with a customized wedding vendor package. During this consultation, I can also go over a wedding day timeline for your special day to help you with planning. What if you already have a special vendor in mind? I will negotiate with that vendor on your behalf. You will receive a Wedding Planning Organizer with my preferred vendors I recommended to you during the consultation with breakdown of the exclusive offers from them. This consultation is only $50.


Schedule Vendor Consultation with Cherry Today. 423-883-6171

Wedding Planner Organizer Included with The Vendor Consultation for Brides.

Wedding Planning Organizer included with Vendor Consultation. Jam-packed with local venue & vendor brochures, price lists, etc., to jump start your wedding planning and save money! No obligation to hire me for your wedding day.

Chattanooga Wedding Planning Services


Time clocks were invented for a reason. I let you know up front how many hours you are receiving which helps you to know much better what to expect. The wedding services I provide you are better managed this way. There are no "Cinderella Packages" or "Princess in Wonderland Packages" with unknown man-hours. Instead, you know exactly what you are getting, as we planned it and together we will best manage the services I provide to you! Based on YOUR needs.

Every wedding is unique. Not every single task that needs to be done can be spelled out on a contract. Isn't it nice to know anything and everything you need taken care of I will be ready to do in the hours you have me for? So whether your wedding is 1½ years from now, 1 year or within six months, you can retain my services to start getting things taken care of as needed with less stress!

The 20 Hour Plan (Day Of Including 10 Hours Pre-Planning & Basic Wedding Day Design)

My next level of service enables you to have me to coordinate your wedding rehearsal as well as your Wedding Day. From the time you retain my services up to your Wedding Day you have me for up to 20 hours taking care of your Wedding Day planning needs. I will also provide you a customized list of preferred vendors with whom I have pre-negotiated special deals for you to save you hundreds of dollars and/or receive additional vendor services at no extra charge. The deals I have secured for you with my preferred vendors AND discounts off the regular price of venues pays the cost of my 20 Hour Plan! The 20 Hour Plan is currently priced at $850. At time of contract signing, 50% nonrefundable retainer must be paid. You will be provided:

•  Initial Consultation.
•  Unlimited phone & emails.
•  Up to Four one-hour meetings as needed or requested.
•  I prepare Wedding Day timeline for vendors & wedding party.
•  Save you hundreds of dollars off the regular price of most venues.
• Assist with pictures before and after ceremony.
• Cake Stand (included) 

• 3D Diagram and/or Floor Plan design.
• Distribute and pin all flowers and boutonnieres.
•  Coordinate & direct your wedding rehearsal. 
•  Prep bridal party on Wedding Day.
•  Help with event set-up & clean-up/breakdown. 
•  Distribute final vendor check payments.
•  Send off bride & groom.
Wedding website with 4K Video. Other 2 & 3.
• Variety of popular wedding decorations (included)
• Reconfirm vendor contracts.

Chattanooga Wedding Planning Services

The 35 Hour Plan (Day Of Including 10 Hours Pre-Planning & Wedding Day Design)

Includes everything in my 20 Hour Plan plus up to 35 man-hours with one or two of my staff members to make sure everything is done within time constraints up to and including your Wedding Day starting at $1,250. At time of contract signing, 50% nonrefundable retainer must be paid.

(Additional time and staff may be added as needed depending upon your needs).

Chattanooga Wedding Planning Services

Cherry Wilson
Wedding Consultant/Planner
6238 Ringgold Rd
East Ridge, TN 37412
Office: 423-468-9621
Cell: 423-883-6171
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Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
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FREE cake stand rentals
Free cake stand rental and other services included with my day of wedding coordination.
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